Profile photo John J. Camilleri

Updated 09 April 2024

I’m a Ph.D. graduate in Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. My primary interest is in language technology, and my thesis was about the automated analysis of contracts using formal methods. I now work at Digital Grammars and Textual, where I build multilingual systems and tools for managing linguistic resources. I also have a special interest in Maltese and started an online lexicon for it.

I’m a seasoned programmer with a lot of experience with full-stack development. I consider myself an engineer who values good design and who is interested in the details of how things work in practice. When not at my computer, I like to run trails and fiddle with my espresso machine.

For more about my research, see my academic page. I share code on GitHub and my professional life is summed up on LinkedIn. The best way of contacting me is to email me at john@ this domain.